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2DFX Artist

Spain, Comunidad de Madrid, MadridFX

Job description

The 2D FX department is responsible for creating the 2D visual effects of the movie, from smoke and fire to wet hair and objects colliding. The job consists in following the directions the 2D FX Supervisor to create the effects of the film. 2D FX Artists should have a strong sense of design and graphic appeal.


  • Create hand-drawn, consistent and stylized effects.
  • Follow pipeline and workflow standards. Work out the best solutions in collaboration with Background and Compositing team.
  • Think of effects as an integral part of moviemaking as opposed to a separated unit.
  • Be ready to work in iterations and improve your effects by addressing notes from art directors and supervisors.
  • Deliver your work within deadlines.
  • Communicate your needs and issues with production team and supervisors.

Job requirements

  • Ability to interpret natural phenomena and represent it in a form of stylized visual effects.
  • Toon Boom experience is preferable.
  • Knowledge of Blender/Grease Pencil is an asset.
  • Knowledge of any 3D package or compositing software is a plus.
  • Being open to new technologies, mixing tools and out of the box thinking.
  • Basic understanding of light and color.
  • Prior production experience in 2D FX.
  • Being able to move to Madrid is  preferable.