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3D Rough Layout Artist*

Spain, Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid3D Layout

Job description

The SPA Studios, the Award-winning Feature Animation Studio is selecting talented and experienced 3D Layout Artists for its next animated feature movie. 3D Rough Layout Artists work under the supervision of the Head of Layout and 3D Layout Supervisor and are responsible for composing shots in 3D, positioning or animating the camera, loading any needed set pieces and characters into the shot and putting them into their positions. The layout artist has an eye on quality, style and continuity, both visually and technically throughout the sequences.


  • Ensure that the vision of the Director and Production Designers are incorporated into the creation of the Rough Layout sequences.

  • Create shots/sequences by placing characters (either 3D character rigs or 2D drawings) cameras, and 2D and 3D props and environments according to the storyboards to produce consistent compositions.

  • Define camera angles and animate them, if applicable

  • Check the conformity and continuity of the sequences

  • Communicate with creative leadership to find solutions that facilitate the production process

  • May need to assist Previs artists with their work

  • Organise work and prepare shots/sequences for approval

  • Adjustment of cameras in the animation stage when necessary

Job requirements

  • Expertise in camera language, cinematography, and visual storytelling

  • At least 3+ years of relevant industry experience (Animated content)

  • Be a great team player with excellent communication skills

  • Proven ability to deliver on schedule, working calmly and efficiently under pressure

  • Be able to take directions and be willing to address constructive feedback. Also ability to suggest new options and provide solutions

  • Familiarity with modelling, surfacing and rigging skills a plus

  • Familiarity with 2D animation process, including 2D camera mechanics a plus

  • Ability to relocate to Mardid, Spain is strongly preferred

  • A valid EU work permit is a bonus

  • English is a must, as the work will be developed in this language

  • Demonstrated ability with 3d software Maya, Photoshop, and Blender preferred

  • Additional skills in Harmony, Nuke, and editing software a plus