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Compositing Supervisor

Spain, Comunidad de Madrid, MadridCompositing

Job description

The SPA Studios is looking for 2 talented and experienced Compositing Supervisors for its already announced animated featured movie“EMBER”

The Compositing Supervisor is responsible for the leadership of the compositing team and contributes to the establishment of the look of the final picture.


  • Prepare and set up Nuke scenes with 2d and 3d elements, for a 2d workflow

  • Collaborate with other departments such as Layout, Ink & Paint, FX, Lighting, and Compositing

  • Match and integrate 3d elements in a 2d environment

  • Solve contact and perspective issues

  • Prepare 3d projections

  • Set up and animate 2d, multiplane and 3d cameras

  • Pre-comp all the different elements from which shots are going to be created

  • Update shots as new elements and versions get published

  • Create comp templates that can be utilised by artists and provide consistency in methods and look.

  • Ensure quality of composition of all the provided elements for each assigned shot. Ensure that assigned shots fit in the continuity of a sequence and fulfil the vision of the Directors, Art Directors, and CG Supervisor while meeting the production schedule.

  • Apply depth of field, motion blur where requested.

  • Guarantee colour, mood and atmosphere continuity

  • FX integration and creation of 2d comp effects

  • Apply light and shadow 2d effects

  • Ensure that comp setups are clean, documented, and easy to understand. Pass off a shot to another compositing artist when necessary

  • Exchange comp elements with other teams or departments

  • May be asked to interview possible new hires for the department

  • May be asked to help train new staff

Job requirements


  • 5+ years experience with Nuke in 2d films

  • Strong technical understanding of Nuke, both in 2d and 3d

  • Experience with ToonBoom Harmony is desired

  • Possess excellent understanding of composition and perspective

  • Understand the 2D animation process, including layout and scene planning

  • Understand editing and film structure

  • Have good communication skills

  • Have good team-working skills

  • Be able to deliver on schedule, working calmly and efficiently under pressure

  • Be able to take direction and be willing to address constructive feedback

  • English is a must, as all work will be developed in this language.

  • Spanish communication skills are an asset.