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Production Manager

Spain, Comunidad de Madrid, MadridProduction

Job description

The Production Manager contributes greatly to delivering the best movie we can make on time and on budget. She/He oversees the entirety of the Production. The right candidate has overseen a film or a series through the entire pipeline.


Planning and scheduling:

  • Create and manage the overall film schedule for all departments. Knows exactly how/when they will deliver the film at the end of the production. Understand inventory flows in unconventional pipelines (2D/CG hybrid)

  • Work closely with Producer and Finance to ensure that planning documents, schedule and budgets are accurate.

  • Oversees complexity management along with the Producer and ensures that it is reflected in productivity targets and plannings.

  • Anticipation. Is able to anticipate needs of downstream departments to prevent blockers.

Creative and artistic relationship

  • Develops great relationships with artists and has the desire to support their work.

  • Understand the non-linearity of artistic and creative work in a feature animation context and is able to anticipate and plan accordingly - leaving room when needed and pushing for execution when needed.

  • Is an integral part of the review process.


  • Ensure the planning and schedule mentioned above are implemented on the floor in a clear manner.

  • Is an integral member of the leadership team of the studio and therefore helps steer strategic decisions.

  • Supervises the production management team (Supervisors, Coordinators and Assistants) and sets priorities and processes.

  • Participate in the performance management of the team (reviews/feedback)

  • Ensure communication channels are open within the show and that all departments are functioning to their full potential.

Job requirements


  • At least 5 years of production management experience in 2D/3D animation or VFX industries.

  • Experience in at least 1 animated feature film as Production Manager.


  • Excellent working knowledge of animated film production pipeline and methodologies.

  • Proficient in English since part of the crew is not Spanish speaker.

  • Team oriented with good communication skills

  • Ability to prioritize and Problem Solve.

  • Ability to give constructive feedback and guidance to team members

  • Have a problem solving attitude and be a passionate person.

  • Software knowledges:

    • Autodesk ShotGrid (previously Shotgun)

    • Google Suite or Office

    • Knowledge of production tracking databases

    • Proficiency with Syncsketch, Bluescape a plus