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Production Supervisor

Spain, Comunidad de Madrid, MadridProduction

Job description


A Production Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of the workload for a specified department or for a group of departments. Through process implementation, open communication and great leadership, the production ensures the artistic and production objectives are being met. The Production Supervisor has a crisp vision of the department planning over the entire feature production and acts as a liaison between the team the rest of the department as well as the production leadership.


  • Lead a team of Production Coordinators, Production Assistants and an Artistic team along the artistic leadership of the department.

  • Collaborate with the production leadership in maintaining the main schedule of the film for the department.

  • Ensures schedule and staffing updates are being done regularly and in conjunction with the rest of the production with the objective of delivering the workload of the department at the right artistic level on time.

  • Run most department meetings.

  • Understand, anticipate and communicate to the Production Manager how changes may affect the budget, scheduling and/or overtime.

  • Assign and keep track of department and individual artist productivity.

  • Regularly assess department progress and come up with strategies to catch-up or maintain productivity.

  • Manage the crew’s schedule and approve vacation in coordination with the HR department.

  • Ensure the department productivity is adequate for the workload to come.

Job requirements


  • 5+ years of professional experience in 2D/3D animation or VFX industries.

  • Experience in at least 1 animated feature film as Production Supervisor


  • Excellent working knowledge of animated film production pipeline and methodologies.

  • Proficient in English since part of the crew is not Spanish speaker.

  • Team oriented with good communication skills

  • Ability to give constructive feedback and guidance to team members

  • Have a problem solving attitude and be a passionate person.

  • Software knowledges:
    • Autodesk ShotGrid

    • Google Suite or Office

    • Knowledge of production tracking databases

    • Proficiency with Syncsketch, Bluescape a plus